Comic Book Movie

Comic Book MovieBrix the stick guy happens to be the main character of this online action packed shooter. Brix for some reasons hates light-hearted and generic movies, and he hates the nerds who like such movies. These pesky nerds and their bosses believe that they can stop Brix but he seems to be very determined to teach them all a lesson by killing them all for their poor taste for movies. Play as the stick guy here in this particular intense shooter. You will have to take down waves of enemies in each of the 12 levels of the game. You will come across as many 6 challenging bosses who will not be easy to defeat. However, the large number of weapons and upgrades will surely work in your favor even as you use them very effectively. You will not just need to attack effectively bit you will also need to dodge all the attacks of the enemies by swaying away from the line of attack. So many useful icons that you will come across during the action packed journey will make things temporarily easy for you. Do not forget to grab those icons and the plenty of coins that you see around. Keep an eye on the health bar that should not become empty. Mouse to control the hero. Keys 1, 2, 3, 4 for special attack 1. Spacebar for special attack 2.

Baby Care Jack

Baby Care JackIt is so easy to love kids especially if they are little babies. Meet Baby Jack! He is a fun, excited and happy baby as long as you take good care of him. Sometimes he gets cranky like when he is hungry, or ready for toys during bath time and you don’t get him those things fast enough. Start your day with cute baby Jack in the kitchen. He will sit in his high-chair while you feed him cereal and water. Clean him up and take him to bath time. He loves to take bubble baths with his ball and rubber duck. Shampoo his hair, rinse him off and move on to the changing room. After a nice warm bath baby jack needs to be dried off and change into a new diaper while he plays with different toys. After he is dried, changed, and clothed he is ready for a cute nap time. Don’t forget to give him lots of kisses after he falls asleep. Once Jack wakes up from his nap then you can dress him up for his photo shoot. He looks Peter Pan and Captain Hook outfits but it is up to you to decide what he wears in his pictures.

The Viking’s Revenge

The Viking's RevengeMagnificent strategy game like you did not play anytime before. This game is using a totaly unique strategy concept in the game. Pretty graphic and nice gameplay lifts this game as one of the best flash arcade games online.

You start as a small viking island and your goal is to send troops with a ship to other islands and conquer them. So goal in the game is conquer all islands. You will fight versus outnumbered enemy and sometimes it will look like it is impossible to win. But with smart thinking and advanced strategy you will find a way. That why is this game very popular. There are 20 levels and I m sure you will spend many hours playing this great game.

Use mouse and click on your islands, then drag the line to the island you want to attack. You can send multiple attacks by dragging the line from all your islands and then to the enemy island. This will send many boats to the battle and you will most probably win the fight. Watch out for sea anomalies, so your ships don’t get lost in the sea. Be smart and creative and I wish you a good luck in playing this amazing game.

Wonder Butterfly Quest

Wonder Butterfly QuestThis amazing game with lots of cool colors and lots of various butterfly will thrill you up. In this game you will need to collect butterfly pairs. And this warm colors will have relax impact on your eyes and nerves. This game have 5 levels which you need to pass in given time. This game is good for young kids, but even adults can have some fun playing it.

This game is very good for training your visual memory. That why it is good for young kids to play this type of games. In top row you will see butterfly pictures which you need to find and make a pair with a butterfly in the bottom table. In each level you will get 2 combinations that you need to find and solve. You need to be fast because time is ticking away very fast. Sometimes butterfly pictures will be identical and it will be hard to find solution. I was very fast and manage to solve all 5 levels, can you do it too?

Make Real Money Playing Market Glory

Make Real Money Playing Market Glory

Market GloryThere are many games in which you can make real money. Some of this games a real economy games and everything makes sense in making the money. But in some games you really play and then sell your goods for real money. Like in Mylands game you sell Black Gem for real money. Or in Warcraft you can sell gold to other people, as well as special items. Or in DOTA2 where people trade fancy unique items and some of the items are worth more than 1000$.

But in Market Glory we have real economy. Economy where people work, eat, learn and fight. And everything you do cost money and everything you can sell will make you money. But you can make money with working and fighting. Working and fighting is what everyone new to the game will do for first few weeks. In some country you can make really good money by doing this two things. After you make some money you can start investing money by buying a company and then making money by selling the product or buying a weapons and fighting in Arena or even go to wars. Each of this actions will make you money. But some people are making big money by referring others to the game. If you can bring many people to join under your link then you can make serious money. Some people are making money by buying and selling on the financial market or buying and selling company, buying shares, referrals and there are much more other ways of making money. One of the best things you can do is to become minister or premier in your country. That way you will get salary and make more money just being the minister or premier.

Every player have 4 important things. Energy, Knowledge, Productivity and Work Experience. Each of this 4 things can be raised or lowered. Energy is very important, it is in all aspects of the game. Whatever you do is having an impact on your energy. Depending on the energy level you will receive fight bonuses, it have great impact on productivity, you will get referrals earnings depending on your energy level and energy have impact on your attack and defense while fighting. You can raise energy with food. Low quality food will raise it for 1, normal quality for 3 and high quality food for 5. So it is important that you eat. Clothes, coffee, milk, cheese and house will as well raise your energy. Energy can go up to 100, but it is not good for everyone to have high energy, you need to do calculations and see what is the best level for you to have. You will lose 5% energy per hour, 10% when you fight and 50% when you work.

Knowledge is as well important factor for high productivity. knowledge is raised by reading books. low quality books will raise your knowledge for 1, normal quality books will raise it for 3 and high quality books will raise it for 5. Maximum knowledge is 1000. It will decrease every day by 0.2 if you have up to 100 knowledge, 0.4 for 100 – 500 knowledge and 0.6 for 500 – 1000 knowledge.

Productivity is calculated by this formula: Energy + Experience + Knowledge / 3. Maximum productivity is 1000.

Work Experience is very important. You can buy work experience and many players are looking to invest money to increase it. When you work you increase experience and the more active referrals you have you will increase it more. If you have 5 active referrals you will make 3 experience per day. As well experience point falls for 0-3% every day.

Now you know basics, so you can go and play this amazing game. Remember it is not all in the money, try having some fun as well. If you want you can join under me and i will contact you in the game and help you in every way i can: JOIN NOW!

Mylands Is a New Hot MMORPG

Mylands Is a New Hot MMORPG

This game is pretty unknown in the gaming world. If you go to search engine and type in “My Lands” you will see many things and little about this game. But this game is 2 years old. First started in Russia and Russian people really love strategy playing games. If you play DOTA 2 you know that there are many Russian players, most of them are bad, but there are some that are really good.

So you probably ask your self, what is really Mylands?
Mylands is a web browser MMORPG. It is set in the time of demons, elves and monsters. This game is a mix of well known game Heroes of Might and Magic and Travian. But it have more components of the HOMM. In the game you will receive your own city and you need to build it and grow it to the real realm. You have many buildings to build, each of the building gives you new ability or resource or army. Your city is set in a kingdom and in a kingdom window you will see many other player city’s around you. Some of them will be bigger, some of them will be smaller. And world in Mylands is really big. There are many kingdoms out there, nobody knows how many really (didn’t count them, but it looks like more than 1000). You can own many city and how many you can have at a giving time will depend on the research. As well you can own special mines, like in Heroes of Might and Magic. there are 3 special mines, Pits, Mines and Salt Lake. Each of them giving special resources. Research in this game is well done. It reminds me of some old PC strategy games where you have a tree of research and now you need to choose what to research. Heroes are important in the game as well. And here again you have many option and decisions to make, what to put on your hero, what kind of hero you need and many other strategy important things that will make you better than other players. So this game bring together many good things from various good games you probably played. Maybe we can give a little slow grade for graphic. Graphic in game is not the best. But gaming and strategy is what makes this game best web browser strategy game.

What is the goal in the game?
Like in Heroes of Might and Magic, goal is to rule the world. You need to claim as much territory as you can. You need to fight ruines and collect black gem. Ohh i forgot to tell about black gem. As well i forgot to tell that in this game you can earn real cash. Real cash is earned by collecting black gem. Black gem can be found in ruines, you can buy it on marketplace or by controlling a special lake named salt lake. Black gem is as well used in game to speed things, buy stuff and it is the most valuable item in the game.

If you love playing great gaming strategy games then this is a real game for you. By playing it i m sure you will have good time and who knows maybe you are real strategy game player and maybe you will rule the world and make some real cash. If you want to join the game, follow the link:


Chicago Car Parking

Chicago Car ParkingIn this great game your job is to park cars. In this big city your main problem will be traffic. We know that big citys have parking problems and mostly have huge traffic problems. So use this game and learn how to park in difficult spots. Game is playable by arrow keys. Left is for left, right for right. Up and down is give speed and brake. Have fun and try to park those cars as fast as possible to gain extra points.

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