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Big BucksThere are various games that you will have so much fun playing that you will want to play for hours and this game we have prepared for you is one of that kind of games. This is an entertaining and competitive game you will want to play all the time. Surely all of you like to play a fun game of Monopoly and compete against your friends. What is your favourite part of the game? Is your favourite part of the game to buy a variety of different properties and build on them, or is your favourite part when you beat your friends and bankrupt all the other players. Surely you as a true fan of the games every part of the game is a favourite part. Isn’t it?

Your character in this game will be one bunny that will compete against 3 opponents. You can choose the level of difficulty for these opponents ranging from easy to crazy, depending on how intense game you want. Be careful and do not to choose the most difficult opponents until you come up with a super strategy for victory. This game is game and your task in it is to buy properties, develop it, build houses and hotels, and you need to make sure that you are doing better than the other players or you could bankrupt. You will need to be really fast and very smart. All your statistic, like health and and the number of houses you can see in the left corner of the screen. By clicking on the characters of your enemies you can see their states too. To help you in the game there are some power – ups, some of which will harm other players, but also there are some that will help you. Be careful and think strategically to win. Enjoy and good Luck!

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