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Heaven OutDo you like to play games? Why do we even ask, of course you do. The best thing about the games is that they can transport you in a magical world of imagination, hope and happiness. Do you agree with us, is this your experience with worlds of games also? When you turn on a new game that you have not played previously you will eagerly anticipate where will this amazing new game take you? Are you going to become a strong soldier who fights to save the world, a wizard with the power of magic, a princess that doesn’t want to be saved but to a saviour, or a owner of a restaurant, the possibilities of your gaming future are limitless. Thanks to the magical world of the game you can achieve all your dreams. Isn’t that really great?

In this fun game you will end up in heaven. Maybe you thought that when you go in the heaven you will just relax, but in this case that is not true. In this game you have come to heaven with one mission and that is to help Saint Peter to choose who deserves to go to heaven and who does not. Do you think you’ll be able to do such a demanding job? Saint Peter and we have full confidence in you and we know that you will be able do all the tasks that Sv. Peter gives you. There are many people trying to sneak in heaven that do not deserve to be there, such as lawyers, judges and evil soldiers and this is where you come in picture. You will have to prevent them. To make sure that you do your job as good as you can St. Peter gave you a Saint saw with which you will have to kill all those who do not deserve to be in heaven and send them to hell. You will move you character with your mouse, and you’ll activate a weapon after you collect the star. Think fast and listen to St. Peter and everything will be al right. Good luck!

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