Last Line Of Defense

Last Line Of DefenseDo you often watch disaster movies, or do you think they are too scary? Why do we even ask, brave player like you is not afraid of anything. All disaster films differ in many elements, most important one is the main reason why this movie is disaster movie, such as the volcano eruption, outbreak of the mutant virus, attack of some dangerous animals and various other scary scenarios. But even though they differ in a number of elements, all of these movies have one thing in common, and that is that saving the world remains on the back of the brave few, at the last line of defence. If you like watching disaster movies, then you will love playing disaster games just like this one.

In this fun, but also scary game you will be the last line of defence. Are you ready for such a danger? In this disaster game the ordinary cities have turned into ruins, and all because of an outbreak of mutant virus called ravagers which turns all infected into a bloodthirsty Ravagers. There is just a handful of courageous people who are willing to fight to save the world, and among them are you. Fortunately, you were able to obtain weapons and special munitions with which you’ll be able to overcome dangerous mutants. At the beginning of the game you will only have a basic type of weapon, but you can upgrade it and buy more during the game. You will play this first person shooter game with your mouse. You will need to press the left mouse button to shoot at your enemies. Be very careful and do not let them get close to your bunker. This game is very scary and violent so if you are younger than 13 years turn it off quickly. Survive all 25 waves of attacks and become a hero. Good Luck!